7 web development trends to look forward in 2018

Phani Kumar S on August 3, 2018

Web Development is always changing, and that’s for the better. The reason is easy to understand. Users are always asking for new types of content and they want to adapt everything to suit their needs. That’s why you need to figure out what approach you need to have and how you can adjust and adapt all these new trends to suit your needs. Here are some of the trends that have the potential to take Web Development to new heights!

Conversational ecommerce
Ecommerce websites need to offer personalized support to customers. Things like natural language processing, machine learning and chatbots are much-needed in such a situation. A lot of companies replace human support teams, and they are quite efficient to say the least. That’s why they may be able to improve things in the very near future!

Offering a cloud-based subscription model is a lot better. Web Development changes are easier to deploy on a SaaS instead of using an application for example. Plus, you can access the SaaS from anywhere, you don’t have to install anything either.

Automated coding
Not everyone knows how to code and that can obviously be a problem. That’s why automated coding makes a lot of sense. It offers all the benefits and principles that you want, all combined in a very professional and comprehensive package. The benefit you will have here is that AI can be used to write code in the background as you handle all the other stuff.

Card designs
Google came with card designs that actually make it easier for the customer to see offers and stuff. The UI cards are great because they get to show just about all the information you want in a very comprehensive package, and that’s always nice and exciting to have.

VR support
Whether we like it or not, VR is a part of our lives. And at one point it will be widespread. Which is why we need to add VR support to our websites. This will soon become one of the most important parts of Web Development, that’s for sure.

PHP is one of the most important technologies for back-end development. And it will continue to be like that for a very long time. Using PHP for Web Development makes a lot of sense and it definitely brings in front some very distinct and impressive results due to that. Plus, there’s a large community that expands PHP’s features and which also helps you solve problems.

UI animations
While it’s important to have a fast site, you also need to have some UI animations too. This leads to a more interactive experience. The results you can get are quite amazing and you can easily adjust and adapt things in ways you would not imagine.

As a whole, there are plenty of trends that may be able to define the future of Web Development. But for the time being we consider that these have a massive potential and they can bring in front some astounding benefits!

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