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GoodFirms ranks Focaloid among the top blockchain development companies in India

People & Process Approach of Focaloid Technologies Invites GoodFirms’ Interest

About Focaloid Technologies

Founded in 2012, Focaloid

Technologies is a digital solutions provider broadly catering to services like mobile apps development, web development, design and animation etc. Based in Bangalore (India), they have another branch in Kerala (India) and one in USA as well.

Focaloid focuses on providing value added technology solutions with user-engaging designs. UI/UX is the part of the solution that can make a significant difference in the way customers and end users perceive the whole solution. So, they put strong emphasis in web design. Their extraordinary capabilities in web design have the potential to get them a listing among GoodFirms’ top web design companies in India.

Focaloid Technologies are not just pioneers in web design, but they have also achieved lot of success in delivery of web development solutions as well. Be it custom web development, e-commerce, content management systems or ERP, they have a big list of amazing projects that they have delivered in various categories. With Focaloid Technologies’ fame in this domain, no wonder, GoodFirms is soon expected to list them among the top web development companies.


About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a global platform that researches and reviews various IT solutions providers. This helps in identifying and selecting the top service providers in web, mobile app development, web design and other domains of IT solutions. GoodFirms’ research on the participant companies is generally based on parameters like reviews, portfolio, market penetration, experience etc. For specific areas like web design, additional parameters like UI/UX and web creativity are also taken into consideration.


Clients of Focaloid Technologies

General Motors, IBM, Deloitte, HCL, Axis Mutual Funds, Havas Worldwide, VEST, Varroc etc are some of the famous clients of Focaloid Technologies.


GoodFirms’ Research On Focaloid Technologies

GoodFirms’ research reveals that Focaloid Technologies is a client-centric service provider. Their people & process approach provides the right people and process mix for their projects leading to their success.

Focaloid Technologies have also successfully ventured into areas like engineering design, machine learning, cloud solutions and even new technologies like IoT, artificial intelligence, wearables, Big Data and blockchain. Their noteworthy presence in blockchain development has availed them a listing among GoodFirms’ top blockchain development companies in India.

With clientele from different industries, their solutions aptly encompass a wide range of technologies and platforms. So is the case with their products, which reflect variety, ranging from food ordering app to laundry app and extend even to e-commerce apps. Owing to the quality of its clientele, it can be further deduced that their endeavours in development of quality IT solutions have fructified. They strive for quality assurance and so, with persistent efforts, they have very good prospects of maintaining high level of performance in the industry.


Phani Kumar S Phani Kumar S on October 5, 2018

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