Influence of Artificial Intelligence in ERP solutions

Anish Prakash on January 13, 2019

The world is constantly being transformed by technology in innumerable ways. For instance, there have been a number of intelligence advancements in cloud computing, big data, and machine learning that has allowed businesses to completely transform themselves by employing innovative processes. As a result of this, a task that previously required hours of human labor can now be performed within a few seconds.

This, however, also suggests that the expectations of the customers expect from a business. In the world of ERP solutions, it is extremely important to deliver better results, be fast, and to be more focused on the needs of the customers. In other words, it is important to be just frictionless.

Artificial Intelligence has had equal influence in ERP solutions. For instance, the SAP S/4HANA is undeniably the most robust and intelligent cloud ERP solution in the market today. The company behind this intelligence cloud has aimed to fully automate at least half of all the ERP business processes over the course of the next 3 years. Today, this cloud is considered one of the most diverse financial management applications.

The SAP S/4HANA cloud carries some impressive features, that include:

  • A digital age experience
  • AI-powered automation
  • Next-gen business processes
  • Great flexibility
  • Maintains the focus of customers

Before this, the ERP market had not seen a conversation user experience. The integration of SAP CoPilot with the cloud, however, makes this possible.

This has totally transformed the way in which the customers interact with their ERP, and gain value out of it. This innovation cannot be expected to go away as it primarily benefits a big number of people.

Can you imagine talking to a digital assistant who understands all contexts, and provides you all time important insights, budget information, and the project status at all times? Atop that, this assistant also grows constantly and becomes smarter adapting to the specific needs of an individual. In other words, the CoPilot becomes more aware of the situations and starts recognizing the individual person’s needs, goals, and interests.

This is something truly revolutionary, in the field of ERP solutions.

Other ways in which Artificial Intelligence is greatly influencing the world of ERP solutions include:

Smarter automation
The AI apps that have been developed by Oracle, for instance, are on the road to improve the efficiency and usability of a user by providing guided actions along with smart automation of the core processes.

Smart operations
The AI apps by Oracle are capable to deliver great insights regarding the organization and the operational agility after optimizing a variety of business processes. These processes include inventory management, treasury management, receivables, procurement, and a lot more. This is truly a big step forward.

Smart influence
The AI apps by Oracle for ERP solutions have a very smart influence which comes from smart optimization of finances and the process, along with smart automation. This simply means that corporate initiatives, optimization of outcomes, and the influence of the business direction can receive a lot of freed up time and resources.

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