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Microsoft's new Blockchain Development Kit

A new blockchain development kit has been announced by Microsoft. This serverless kit makes use of Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure which is highly capable and intelligent.

Hence, the new blockchain development kit by Microsoft is also known as the Azure Blockchain Development Kit. The prime aim of this development kit is to allow integration of blockchain with third-party SaaS Solutions and with Microsoft itself in a seamless manner.

According to Marc Murcuri who is the principal Program Manager of Blockchain, the blockchain development kit simply provides an extended list of capabilities to the blockchain developers along with the blockchain workbench which makes use of the services of key management that are provided by Azure. These services will also include monitoring, messaging APIs, and off-chain identity in order to allow the building of blockchain-based applications in a quick manner.

Initially, Microsoft has decided that the Azure Blockchain Development Kit will focus on the following three capabilities:

  • Connecting the interfaces
  • Integration of systems and data
  • Deployment of blockchain networks along with smart contracts

As a result of this new product by Microsoft, it will be possible for organizations and users to use their user interfaces in order to form a connection with the blockchain. Apart from that, the blockchain development kit also includes SMSs, mobile client support, the Internet of Things, Device Integration, Bots, Virtual Assistants, and Voice Interfaces.

The prime reason why voice interfaces and SMS interfaces are offered in the kit is to supply the chain solutions and to manage the tracking. These voice interfaces and SMSs will have support for IOS, and Android mobile operating systems.

Apart from that, it was also pointed out by Microsoft that the Azure Blockchain Kit will also have compatibility with Ethereum, Bitcoin and other similar ledger technologies.

Moreover, it was also announced by Microsoft that there will be a release of Logic Applications and Flow connectors for blockchains. For instance, the Ethereum blockchain connector can be used to deploy contracts, read contract state, trigger other logic applications, and to call the contract actions.

It was further pointed out by Murcuri, that the events and external updates will be able to trigger some actions on the smart contracts. Consequently, it will be possible for the state changes and smart contract events to trigger actions along with data updates to systems and data that are off-chain.

Indeed, this new product that is offered by Microsoft is a way forward to increase the speed of blockchain accessibility for everyone who carries a unique idea. Moreover, it also aims to improve the affordability of blockchains among the general public. Since this kit is based on a serverless architecture, the costs will further get cut down and every blockchain enthusiast will have it in their reach.

The blockchain kit is further connected to the Azure platform by Microsoft. The kit simply makes use of the services that exist on Azure including the data, integration, storage, and computation services.

In order to make it easy for everyone to understand, a white paper has also be launched by Microsoft which aims to simplify the deployment of decentralized applications through the blockchain development kit.

Prasobh V Nair Prasobh V Nair on December 18, 2018

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