Mobile app development : Technologies, trends and predictions for 2019

A number of technologies and trends have disrupted Mobile app development. These apps have created a deep impact on almost all spheres of our lives, whether it be text messaging apps, food ordering apps, booking apps or shopping apps. Apps are predicted to generate revenues to staggering figures of close to 190 billion US dollar in the coming year.

Apps are very popular in that they are interactive and address a lot of concerns designed to meet their purposes. Apps have improved on their features and functionalities with the adoption of new technologies. Customised apps can be developed to suit certain specific needs. The increase in the use of smartphones have revolutionised Mobile apps like never before.

Listed below are some of the technologies and trends that are set to disrupt mobile app development in the year 2019.

AI Applications
AI will drastically impact mobile app development. Advancements in AI have enabled applications like chat bots to be incorporated into mobile apps. Bots help in customised responses taking very low response times. These applications can easily be incorporated into mobile apps, which can improve its functionalities. Bots are popular in that they provide personalised responses with high accuracy.

AI is well equipped in analysing complex data for evaluating business strategies to provide insights. Smart apps can be created using Machine Language and AI  for mobiles which can actually map information for better user interaction. This points to the fact that both AI with machine learning will redefine app development process.
Internet of Things
IoT has been expanding its hold over almost all the devices around the world. Organisations are looking to reap the advantages of these connected devices. Smartphones are able to control a huge network of interconnected devices through software and IoT sensors, which helps in the exchange of data to realise various purposes.

This technology will help in the development of innovative apps that will ease business processes. Health care and crisis management are two sectors that has benefited much from this technology. However a number of other industries have also enjoyed the advantages of this technology in the deployment of apps and improving their efficiencies.
Virtual and Augmented Reality

AR and VR are quite commonly used technologies in the gaming arena to provide the user a realistic experience. These technologies not only leverage this experience aiding in the development of interactive apps while promoting engagements from the users

Social media campaigns are quite rampant with AR and VR. Some of the social media apps run this medium thus becoming one of the first of its kind of platforms to deliver this technology.

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The evolution of Instant apps
Apps are evaluated according to their ease of use and user interaction. Instant apps are more convenient to use as they do not consume phone memory. They are similar to native apps but smaller than the regular apps.They deliver a good user experience that combines the interface and functionality of a website.
Emergence of mobile payment apps
Apps like Google Pay, PhonePe have revolutionised payment methods. With a few apps offering payback schemes, more and more people have switched to apps for transactions. It is predicted that more players are expected to come to the market, with mobile wallet expected to cross $7 billion in revenue in the coming 2-3 years.
Combining futuristic technologies mobile apps are able to address concerns through intelligent and interactive app solutions. They have proved successful in addressing the prevailing concerns and have been helpful in providing fruitful solutions. With the adoption of emerging technologies, the future holds promise to deliver apps that would function with minimal or no human intervention.   

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Shaibana S Shaibana S on March 20, 2019

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