OnePoint HCM Now Integrates with Indeed Job Board

Top leading human capital management solutions provider, OnePoint HCM, has announced its collaboration with Indeed.

Launched in 2004, Indeed is the leading comprehensive job-related search engine in the world. With Indeed, job seekers can search for millions of jobs in over 60 countries on the web or mobile platforms. The job site is currently available in up to 28 languages.

According to Indeed, each month, there are over 200 million job seekers who are using their website’s services. The company’s free access search engine allows its users to easily search for jobs, research for companies and industry trends, as well as post their resumes. On top of this, Indeed is also the top source of external hires for dozens of companies from around the world.

OnePoint HCM and Indeed’s integration is facilitated by one point HCM’s powerful new API manager called one point Connect. This integration is designed to help streamline the job searching processes as it helps leverage the single employee record to connect to third-party business applications seamlessly.

What to Expect with OnePoint HCM and Indeed Integration

OnePoint HCM’s president, David Miller, said that as they develop their API capabilities through their new OnePoint Connect application, they found it was important to prioritize connections with their key partners which will ultimately deliver immediate value to their enterprise HR customers.

Miller has stated, “In a competitive job market, recruiting qualified candidates continues to be a top priority for every organization.” He also added that he believes that through the company’s integration with Indeed, they’ll be able to deliver efficiencies so their customers can identify and hire qualified candidates faster, and will lead to cost savings in reduced recruiting time and job vacancies ultimately.

OnePoint HCM and Indeed’s integration can offer several advantages to job seekers and HR enterprise customers. The merge could provide them with a significant edge in the upswing of competition in the job market. Check out some of the advantages users can expect with this integration.

1.Enhanced Recruitment Automation

Managing job posting manually can be a time-consuming and redundant process. Automating the entire process should help avoid incompetent recruiting results. Automation could take the burden out of the HR and will help the recruiters to find the right candidate quickly, track hiring stages and allow seamless management screening.

2.Streamline the Recruitment Process

All the submitted applications can be stored, screened, and tracked, right through the Application Tracking System or ATS. OnePoint HCM believes that its Indeed integration will allow its customers post jobs much faster and will help them quickly find the top candidates in the pool of job seekers, manage the recruiting process more efficiently and enhance the competition for talent.

3.Promote Impeccable Job Board Integration

The strategic integration of the two key players in the job market offer efficiencies that will let enterprise HR customers of OnePoint HCM post job requisitions from OnePoint’s platform to Indeed automatically. HR recruiters and practitioners will be able to activate their job listings, as well as upgrade sponsored jobs and manage financial aspects for Indeed without the need to leave the OnePoint platform.

Ajish Prakash Ajish Prakash on December 4, 2018

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