Some of the best VPNs for Android

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is something that connects your device to the worldwide web and is essential for any computer, device or app that wishes to access the internet. There are of course very many different VPNs all with their own advantages and disadvantages and so choosing a VPN for their app is something which an app developer must consider very carefully.

Although many of VPNs may be suitable for PCs, not all of them are as equally suitable for Androids but here are some which are considered to be among the best options for use with Androids:


This is a Romanian VPN which has recently received up upgrades making it particularly suitable for Androids which need International connections. Using similar technology as PCs CyberGhost will at the push of a button, locate the best VPN for the current location you are in with your Android. With over 3,000 servers in 59 different countries, CyberGhost can connect you with the BBCs iPlayer in the UK or RTL whilst in France.

The company says it will not log your activity but for monitoring service performance, will log locations and times of your use.


This is a VPN which is perhaps best for connecting with Netflix although no explanation has been given as to why. The fact though is that it seems to deliver on that and so is rapidly becoming very popular. This VPN has over 5,000 servers in 59 countries and so is well-established.

Perhaps one disadvantage about this VPN is that it has kept its developer secret and so if you have strong security issues you may feel more comfortable knowing exactly who you are dealing with.


Like NordVPn this VPN allows for different connections depending on where you are located however, as well as you punching the country you are in and the VPN finding you a suitable connect, it also has the additional option of you selecting which connection you want from a list it provides you for each country.

IDGNordVPN will not log your activity but it is more expensive than most of the other options however, it does have more features.


This is cheaper than most of its rivals and yet still offers you the choice of connecting to its option or choosing your own. To be expected however, at its cheaper price it does not have all the features other VPNs may offer. It is perhaps a good choice for someone who is inexperienced with VPNs and to encourage those people, it offers a free trial period.

IDGSaferVPNIDGSaferVPN is relatively cheap and easy to use making it a popular choice with beginners but again, it does not have as many features as others. Once again this will log country of use and timestamps.

F-Secure’s Freedome

This is the service which security conscious users often pick. This service has added security features one of which is to deny access and blocks any user suspected of presenting a potential security risk.

Ajish Prakash Ajish Prakash on April 26, 2019

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