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The Google Assistant aboard the Google Maps

The Google Assistant on board the Google Map!!!. Isn't that an interesting combination. By merging two of its most popular apps, Google has made navigation with maps easier and safer.

The Google assistant that can manage your tasks, plan your day, make memories and get answers can be loaded onto the google navigation tool with saying ‘OK Google’ or by tapping on the microphone icon. A regular user of the navigation tool will not fail to notice the simplified UI that comes with the new feature which is visually less distracting while driving.

When the Assistant is activated there is the display of a white panel with the icon indicating the Assistant listening temporarily. It covers the panel at the bottom of the display, that shows the distance, the Estimated time of arrival(ETA) and the navigation buttons.

The other features supported by the assistant are ‘voice control’ for navigation commands for exploring alternate routes or finding locations of supermarket and restaurants on the way. Gas stations and other important landmarks also come up according to the need of the hour. It also lets you share your ETA with a contact, who could perhaps be waiting on the way to be picked. The merging comes with features to control Music and Podcast.

There are several other commands implemented in the wizard that also supports other languages. It is not, an exclusive benefit for English speakers or just meant for American citizens. This measure was adopted by Google to maintain "productivity" and "safety" on the road, and in this sense, becomes an extremely useful tool for drivers, who will now be able to interact with their mobile phones without having to touch it.

Phone messages and text messages can be heard and replied to without having to exit the Maps. The text messages will be written on its own at voice command or in moments of greater fatigue if you simply tell the phone, 'Google, take me home ', the device will do the job of your thinking, taking you through the most comfortable and fastest route. Of course, with all the senses put on the road, as always.

The Android version works with SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangouts, Telegram, Viber or any other messaging app. Though Apple users don’t have access to all the third-party apps, they no longer have to launch the Assistant separately to use it within Maps.

Google Maps with the Assistant is rolling out now for Android and iOS.

Shaibana S Shaibana S on February 10, 2019

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